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Episode 3: Emulsifiers in our food with Dr. Andrew Gewirtz

In this episode of The Microbiome Podcast, we talk with Dr. Andrew Gewirtz, a professor at Georgia State University. 

The episode begins with David and William discussing a few recent news stories about the microbiome:

In the conversation with Dr. Andrew Gewirtz (10:22) they discuss:

  • Dr. Gewirtz’s research on metabolic syndrome, a term for conditions that are related to diabetes. Learn more about Dr. Gewirtz and his research
  • (13:38) His research on Toll-like receptor 5 and how it activates innate immunity in order to combat infectious agents. Read his paper in Science.
  • (21:09) Emulsifiers and his most recent research that showed emulsifiers in food may lead to inflammatory diseases. Read the Nature paper. Read our blog post on the study
  • (32:33) If Dr. Gewirtz changed his diet as a result of the research and if supplement testing methods need to be changed.
  • (39:19) Dr. Gewirtz’s alma matter the University of Albany and Georgia State University where he is a professor, two teams that made the NCAA tournament.

After the interview (42:50) William and David gave their own NCAA picks and make a friendly wager on their picks.