Program Involvement:

Your Private Biome

Your Private Biome is a citizen science project that allows people to sample their vaginal and penile microbiomes.  In return, these people learn the bacterial species that exist in their microbiomes, which, in the case of the vaginal microbiome, can be used to help diagnose various diseases.  In addition, these results help researchers learn which species the vaginal microbiome is comprised of, and how it can change based on various exogenous factors, such as sexual partners, hygiene habits, or whom you live with.

The AMI is a proud supporter of Your Private Biome and its mission.

AMICAR - American Microbiome Institute Center for Advanced Research

AMICAR is a microbiome research center founded and run by the AMI.  Its goal is to support entire research projects, from study design to data analysis.  AMICAR empowers scientists who do not have the necessary expertise in microbiome science to carry out their research projects.  This is especially helpful to scientists in peripheral research fields who want to investigate a microbiome-based hypothesis.  For more information please contact us at

AMI Education Initiatives

The AMI has created a platform to raise the profile of microbiome science.  From public lectures to museum exhibits the AMI wants the general public to understand the importance of the microbiome.

And much more

These programs are just the beginning for the AMI.  We also fund grants for new research, hold webinars for scientists, hold conferences and meetings with the top scientists in the field.  For all inquiries contact us.