Episode 4: What's hot in the microbiome field with Kristina Campbell

This week on the podcast we talk with Kristina Campbell from Gut Microbiota for Health. Kristina is a science writer who covers stories related to the gut microbiome. We also announced a phone number that listeners can call to ask questions or leave comments for the next episode of the podcast. The number is 518-945-8583.

The podcast begins with a few recent news stories:

  • (2:57) The Obama administration announced a $1.2B plan to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria. Read more
  • (5:00) A group at the University of Nottingham used a 1000 year old recipe to kill MRSA and it was very successful. Read more.
  • (7:13) The Massachusetts Host-Microbiome Center is being created by a $4.8M grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center. Read more

In the conversation with Kristina (@bykriscampbell on twitter and read her personal blog here) we discussed:

(41:35) After the interview with Kristina, we again discussed the NCAA tournament and how our picks before the Round of 32 are faring.

The next podcast will be with Justin and Erica Sonnenburg, scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine. Leave a voicemail for us at if you have a question for Erica and Justin about the impact of diet on the microbiome or anything else microbiome related.