Human microbiome market poised for economic growth

A recent economic forecast was published which projects the growth of the microbiome market to be $650 million by 2023.  The report states that the major drivers in the microbiome will be therapeutics and diagnostics.  It also anticipates diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and mental disorders will possibly be treated with microbiome therapeutics by that time through the use of prebiotics, probiotics, food, and drugs.  The projection shows that growth will be driven in Europe, followed by Asia, and then the United States, where the microbiome is still a "niche market due to the lack of awareness among the population regarding the beneficial usage of prebiotics and probiotics."   As for what is holding the market back: "Lack of comprehensive research..., lack of awareness among the population..., and impending government regulations on prebiotics and probiotics."

This forecast is very exciting for all those involved in the microbiome field.  Though, in order for the microbiome to reach its full potential, we must work together to remove the barriers currently restraining the field.  At the AMI we have pinpointed these same problems, and that is why the AMI's mission is to "improve health through microbiome research, education, and advocacy."  We fund and support research efforts that create and prove the efficacy of microbiome therapeutics.  We educate the public to raise the profile of the microbiome field.  We advocate for the microbiome to government entities not only to raise awareness about current microbiome science, but to encourage preparedness for its maturation.

At the AMI we are convinced the microbiome is the next frontier of human health, and we are well positioned to accelerate the growth of this nascent field. 


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